Friday, January 15, 2010

The iPhone

Since going on maternity leave I've been feeling increasingly unorganized.  I have no sort of planner to make sure I don't miss appointments but I also had no desire to pull out and use a paper calendar.

I've also for the last 6 ish years been using the same old cell phone, it was very brick like and out of date with a really terrible battery.  Brad and I decided to make the leap to smart phones and after his obsessive searching and review watching, iPhones were purchased.  This is a big deal that I was really nervous about.  I'm determined to use my iPhone for all sorts of things to justify the purchase, I've already used the the handy level application and look forward to all sorts of customization.

I now have a fancy phone and digital planner in one yet somehow since the purchase I've managed to show up a week early for one event and miss a second completely... somehow my making things easier and more organized has caused confusion.


Jenny said...

I just got the ipod touch and I LOVE IT!! My mom and my brother have the iPhone, and they both really like it.

Have fun...