Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Looking for the Positive

I'm really trying to make the most of this haircut I hate so here's a list of the bright side
  1. The return of accessories.  With such long hair earrings always seemed unnecessary since you really couldn't see them anyway.  It's been fun to dig into my stash and remember what's in there.
  2. The return of lipgloss.  There was a point in my life when I had a problem with lipgloss, I owned a ridiculous amount of them and was never without at least one (usually 5).  I live in a seriously windy city so wearing lipgloss with long hair was just gross, I was forever peeling goopy hair off my lips.  Now that my hair doesn't reach my lips I'm free to pull them all out again.  There is one draw back to the gloss though, it means less kisses for Catie, I'll have to find a happy medium.
  3. I can lean over and play with Catie without her getting handfuls of my hair tangled.  She can still reach but can just barely grab enough that it's cute, not painful.
  4. No longer do we find long strands of my hair everywhere.  Give me a couple vacuums and all traces should be gone.
At least I can look on the bright side right?


Mitz said...

You forgot one - IT LOOKS CUTE! :)

Jenny said...

I think it looks fabulous!! If I wasn't trying desperately to grow out my own hair, I would totally copy you!!