Monday, March 1, 2010

The Details

Forgive me for no properly sharing this gem of a stain remover as I should have.

The cleaner is called Proxi.  I did a quick Google search but didn't really see where it's sold, sorry.  If you live in Lethbridge I can hook you up but otherwise you're on your own.  It's labeled as a carpet and upholstery cleaner as well as a stain remover and you spray and walk away.  No rubbing.  You're supposed to spray and then let it dry for optimal cleaning.  Catie's onsie's are so gross and the mess is so frequent that I usually don't let it dry, I toss it in the wash right away.

This is moments after the latest clean up project.  I rinsed the onsie and that's it.

This is 15 minutes later, I didn't do anything but spray it.  These results would be more impressive if I waited longer but I had laundry to do and wanted to get this in so 15 minutes is all you get.  If I had waited a couple hours the stain would be almost completely gone.  When I pull this out of the wash it will be white without any remainder of the stain.

As a small celebration and I'm sure far too much info for anyone who isn't a mother, today's poop was less runny, I'm hoping this daily mess is on it's way out.


Unknown said...

RMC Proxi Spot Removal Spray. It's an industrial cleaner (for restaurants, etc)

Mitz said...

Hook me up.

Cathy West said...

Riley spilled some strawberrie hulls on my white duvet. I sprayed this amazing stuff on it and in like 10 minutes, it was gone. No rubbing or anything. On Friday, Riley bled on me and used that spray. Gone, like magic. In fact I didn't even take the shirt off. It disappeared so fast, there was no need to change.

Unknown said...

I so need some of this