Friday, March 19, 2010


This was a project I worked on a couple weeks ago and I've been really anxious to post it but it as a present for Porter once his little brother came and I didn't want Michelle to see it first.

Rigby came and so I was able to give Porter this little gem (I know it doesn't look like much on it's own)

It's a toolbelt just his size.  The loop is for his hammer and there are pockets for the different tools.

Here's a better photo to give you an idea of how cute it looks.  This is taken from the blog Make It and Love It which is where I got the awesome idea and tutorial.

The perfect part is that Porter already had a tool bench that he loves complete with all sorts of tools so he'll have lots to carry around in his very own toolbelt.


Mitz said...

And you should see him wear it, he loves it! We put it on him and showed him all the pockets and he was thrilled. Thank you! :)