Thursday, May 13, 2010

Becoming a Mother (long and rambly)

I've been a mother for 8 months now and I've been loving it but on Saturday I did something that turned me into a true Mother.  I drove all the way to Great Falls to go shopping for fabric.  I had a list of projects I wanted to complete but they were going to take a large amount of fabric and they were going to be too expensive so Mom and I drove down.

We had the greatest time and I loved spending time with her.  We shopped for fabric, clothes, shoes, clothes for Catie, smelly lotion and more fabric.  I spent far too much, she spent just enough and it was an awesome day.

I've been especially grateful for such an amazing Mom lately, specifically she has made it possible for the sewing to continue.  As I mentioned in the bouncy chair post my sewing machine decided it was finished and would not work properly unless I had some work done on it.  The machine was free as it was a hand me down and is old.  Paying to have it serviced wasn't really an option so I considered buying a new, second hand machine.  I even found one that looked okay when Mom came up with an even better solution.

She found my Grandma's sewing machine in her basement and gave it a whirl.  It sounds amazing, it's in great condition as Grandma had it serviced every year she owned it.  I should have been thrilled but I took a look and this machine is seriously old.  It's one that's screwed into a table which I don't have room for and it was really old.  It was a free solution though so I was prepared to take it home and let it grow on me, I'm sure I would have loved it eventually but I was having a hard time being excited.  Once again Mom came up with the solution, she instead will keep Grandma's machine since she hardly ever sews and she sent me home with hers.  As an added bonus she's lent me her serger indefinitely.  This is a plan that I could get on board with and I'm thrilled with the new machine.

One draw back... my first question was, "Does it use metal bobbins?"  Sadly it does not so the 48 I have are now completely useless to me.  This temporarily took me back to having only one bobbin but I fixed that problem by picking up 12 new ones today.

I look forward to tackling my long list of projects and I'm so grateful for a Mother who would do anything to make me happy and so freely gives of anything she has if she thinks someone could use it.  She's my best friend and I'm so glad I'm close enough to see her often.  I love that Catie knows her well and look forward to the fist time she calls her Granny Cathy (what we call her behind her back :)

A happy end note, I was able to find a happy home for my old machine and bobbin, I handed it down to someone willing to fix my beloved Hobby 303.  I wish Amber happy sewing.