Monday, May 17, 2010

Needle Book

 Needles have no place in a pin cushion.  They get lost and disappear until the end comes out the bottom and pokes you.  I've felt this for some time now as my needles have to be constantly rescued but I like to have them handy so I've dealt with the annoyance.  The creation of Ned has changed this though.  Ned is a place for beautiful pink pins, not long needles so I pulled up a solution I saw once.  This tutorial was exactly what I needed so I started on my own needle book.

I used the double needle feature of my sewing machine for the trim and I'm really happy with the detail it adds.  I LOVE the button that it's closed with, thanks Grandma! 

The needles slip inside and there's another page underneath this one if I feel the need to spread out even more (I didn't have all these needles in my pin cushion but since I have the space I added a bunch).  It makes me want to hand stitch often so I can admire this beauty.