Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hair Clips

I had some things to return to Michael's the other day so I headed over with my 40% off coupon just in case.  I have a hard time passing up the coupon so I wandered to see what I could find.   I walked past the silk flowers and noticed they were 50% so I grabbed some real cheap pansies.  I've been wanting some new flowers for Catie and this seemed like the perfect time. 

When Catie was born I thought those huge flowers were dorky and she only wore little ones but now that she's grown and has a significantly larger head I think they're adorable.  She doesn't have very many big ones though so I've been thinking about new ones.

Using my 40% off coupon I picked up some decorative Brad's for the center and this is what I came up with.

I'm going to make one more but I have finally exhausted my alligator clip collection and I must buy more, both for me when I'm doing my hair and for more clips for Catie.


Mitz said...

I really like it that you capitalized "brads." Haha.