Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Glue Gun Case

This was the first project I took on with my new sewing machine and it's also the first project I thought up and created my own pattern for.  It's certainly not perfect and has many flaws but it gets the job done (it looks much better in the pictures than it does in real life).

I wanted a pouch to keep my glue sticks and glue gun together and I knew I could come up with something.  I considered making the standard boxed corners but I wanted it to have a cute rounded base.

I had a little difficulty working with the piping, it's big and the pouch is small so it was awkward but it turned out okay.  One of my sewing weaknesses is thinking through how to sew my project correctly so once it's turned the right way I have the seam going where I want, this project was a huge test of that but after only a little unpicking I got it to do what I wanted.  I'm pleased that there are no seams on the inside and the pound on snaps added the finishing touch I wanted.