Monday, May 31, 2010

Like trying to hit a puppy by throwing a live bee at it

I realize that all babies are busy and on the move but I feel pretty
confidant that there has never been a more wiggly girl than Catie,
specifically when it comes to diaper changes.

I've started to dread them but being necessary the other day I headed
up to get the job done. I place her on the change table and before I
even take my hands off her she's rolled over. So I turn her over and
try to quickly hand her a toy. She's allready half rolled so I get her
attention and show her the toy. She takes it, throws it overboard and
rolls over. At this point I'm trying not to be frustrated.

She's discovered that the ends of her change table are great to crawl
up on so I thought maybe if that option was gone things would go
better. I move her to the floor where she immeditely rolls over to
climb up the shelf of her table.

So now I'm really frustrated and the diaper isn't even off yet! She
still has pants on. I put her back on the table (a little less
lovingly) and before she can move I put my hand firmly on her hips to
stop her from turning... so I'm not happy about things, this isn't
going well and what does she do next? She starts to giggle.

Her giggle makes me giggle and lighten up a bit. The diaper was
eventually changed and instead of ending up annoyed I just think she's
even more adorable even if she is the most wiggly girl there ever was.


Jenn said...

You should try the one handed diaper change!! Hold both ankles in one hand and push them back so their knees are close to their chest. I can only dream of being half as flexible as babies!! Then change diaper with your other hand. They can't squirm or roll over!