Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Hung Pictures

It took 10 months but I finally hung some pictures.

For Christmas we were given these fun pictures but since then they've sat in a pile gathering dust.  I just didn't know where to put them because they seemed a little small to be on their own but I didn't have anything else to put with them.  I recently pulled them out again determined to do something with them so they've still been in a pile but this time the pile was in my way a lot.

I tried to find the blog where the inspiration for this piece came from but I really couldn't find it, I thought it was a perfect compliment for our three pictures though. 

I'm not sure I love them on the stairs, it's possible they clutter up the space but they're staying anyway.  The big picture frame also has a gold-ish trim on the inside that I don't like so I'd like to paint the frame black but I'm hoping Mom has some spray paint I can use so I don't have to buy any (And if she tells my I hung them too high I'm cutting off all contact with Catie for two weeks as punishment.  I looked up the proper height and measured.  So take that!)

Now I just need to tackle the rest of my stack of pictures.


Jenn said...

ha ha, she always tells me my pictures are too high, too. looking back at old pictures, she was usually right. It still annoyed me, though, because I didn't want to move them. Yours look great!

KD said...

My Mom has a thing with pictures being hung to high as well. Hmmmm But she is usually right too. Your' look great i love the road signs what a great idea!

Mitz said...

Those are the cutest pictures EVER! Who gave them to you, what a cute idea! I love your addition too, perfect.

Jenny said...

I gave them to her!!! Aren't they awesome? We drove all over Michigan just to get the names of everyone we had for Christmas. Unfortunately there was no "Wiebe" in Michigan, so we had to stick with first names.