Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Petting Zoo

Last week we took Catie to the petting zoo and  we all had a great time.

The first animal we saw (or should I say smelled) were these really big, really dirty, REALLY smelly pigs.  They snorted and snuffled and Catie wasn't sure what to make of them.  The smell got to us pretty quick and moved on.

They had bunnies and kitties that you could pet and then a nice boy came in carrying a guinea pig.  This photo makes it look like she was really interested in it, it's deceiving.  She hardly noticed it.

After the bunnies we headed to the chicken coop where the roosters were crowing and Catie was not happy.  We didn't spend much time there.  She didn't like the noisy geese much either.

Here's Catie and a donkey.

My favorite animals were the goats.  You could go into the goat pen and pet them and they made cute goat noises and nibbled on pants and camera straps and anything else available.

My own little animal.

It was a very successful trip for us, sadly two Mom's discovered that their daughters had allergies to something.  Swollen eyes and runny noses resulted in a trip for Benadryl.

We'd definitely go again.  It's called Just Fur Fun and it's in Coaldale.  Adults pay $3.00 and kids over 1 pay $2.00.


Brad said...

A quick revision: The guy there made the group pay $3 for everyone over 1 year old.

It was so much fun! My favorite part was the little kittens or maybe the little chicks they had near the roosters.