Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kijiji Finds

The other day I installed the Kijiji app on my iPhone and decided to take a look at what was available for baby toys, I lucked out and found two awesome purchases.

The first is this cute inflatable boat for a baby.  We'd been looking for one of those foam baby floats they have at swimming pools and this is the closest we've seen.  We want it for when we go to the lake this summer but we couldn't find one.  This is pretty darn close and definitely more compact.  I think all the little babies will enjoy this baby.  As an added bonus it was only $5.

The other is one I'm even more excited about.
Given my re-covering history I had started to realize that it was likely that I'm going to want one of those foam chairs for Catie.  You know the kind, covered in Elmo or princess or something similar but so cute when your little one sits in it.  I knew I'd want to re-cover one eventually so when I saw this Winnie the Pooh one for FREE I immediately contacted the seller.  It sits in all it's orange shaggy glory waiting for some yummy new fabric to replace it.


broberts said...

hey....i'm doing the SAME thing right now with the foam chairs...only i had to pay $5 ea for mine..can't complain! but, i'm so excited! i can't believe you found one so easily...i've been looking for months and have had wanted adds up forever...finally! so, lucky you!

i thought i'd let you know that someone told me these chairs are being discontinued b/c as they age the foam releases toxins or something. YUCK! so...i think i'll cover them first with some PUL or something. anyways...that's just what i heard!