Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Little Girl's Ribbon Necklace

My sister-in-law Lisa found this necklace at Stella & Dot.  It's designed to be worn by a little girl and we both loved it.  She wasn't willing to pay the $32 price tag and I took one look and knew I could re-create it.  Here's my finished product.  What do you think of the original and my recreation of it?

I was going to add a jeweled brad to the center of my flower like they'd done in the original but I didn't have one so I would have had to buy a pack and I also loved how 3 dimensional mine was.  I would have had to flatten the flower to add the jewel so I left it as is.  I like how the edges are starting to fray.

I do wish that the fabric I used for my flower matched the ribbon a little bit better but this was the best I could find.

The original tied on with a bow but I thought that seemed like it would be finicky to put on a two year old so I added a clasp with a bow for decoration.

In the original they made the flower removable on a clip so it could be added to your girl's hair but since Lisa doesn't like the flower in hair look I decided to skip that and sewed it on instead.

Using some rough calculations I figure I spent about $12 making this necklace but I have supplies left (minus ribbon) to make probably 3 more.  That puts each necklace at about $5.  Eventually there will be a bracelet to match but I'm in no hurry.  This is going to be a birthday gift for Gwen in September when she turns two.  Hopefully she, and Lisa love it.


Jenny said...

This is absolutely adorable...and now I want one!!

Lisa Johnson said...

Oh my gosh!! I love it! I can just imagine Gwens face when she gets her very first necklace! You are awesome Laura! I love the clasp idea -way better than a bow and the flower is great too!

Jenn said...


Amber said...

I love it! Would you be willing to do a tutorial?? Thanks!