Monday, June 14, 2010

Ribbon Belt

This cute ribbon belt is certainly not a new idea or is it difficult but I think they're adorable and I came across a tutorial at Make it and Love it.  I'm not sure you even need a tutorial but being a new-be at using D-rings I found it helpful.

It's super easy, you measure your child's waist, add some growth room and then cut two lengths of ribbon that size.  Sew, wrong sides together the two pieces, one seam at the top, bottom and middle.  Add your D-rings to one end, fold over the rough edges of the other side and your done.  A quick project that looks adorable.  I have more I want to make but I think my ribbon is too wide and will have to wait until she's older.

Also, don't buy D-rings at Michael's.  I went there first armed with a coupon because it was more convenient but they wanted $3 for two.  Instead I went to Fabricland and paid .80 cents.

This shirt really wasn't the best for pictures, it's normally not tucked all funny like that but I had to show the belt a little.  This was what she was wearing for the day and if you have a wiggly 9 month old you know you want to do as few clothing changes as possible.  I love her little hand there hey?  What a pose.