Monday, June 27, 2011

Dear Silhouette

14 blog posts in one day.  That's how many posts on the Silhouette tattoo paper I saw today.  You know what effect that has?  I skipped all of them.

I wanted to write and give you a little feedback on your marketing, now I realize that you obviously know more about it than I do, I'm not an educated Marketing professional but what I am is an avid blog reader.  I subscribe to 152 blogs, most of them craft blogs and many of them (at least 14) promote your product.  I know for me it would be far more effective if those 14 posts were spread out over the month, I'd probably read them all and I'd probably want to go buy a Silhouette instead of feeling bitter than I don't get one for free since today it feels like I'd be a sucker to pay for one.

I know you have an awesome product, most days I'd want to own one but today instead, I say "stupid Silhouette" every time I come across another post on tattoo paper.

I actually did send this email directly to Silhouette, thought they should know how they come across to some of us in the blog world, they responded the very next day with this very polite response

"Thank you for your email.  We appreciate your feedback and will certainly have this passed on for further review.  Let us know if you ever have any further feedback you may wish to share so that we can continue to improve.



DIYbyDesign said...

I hear you...I had to finally suck it up and my husband bought me one for my birthday.

claudia b said...

i totally agree with you! i'm tempted to unsub from their list!

CountryBelle said...

Ya, there were a couple of days there with slim pickings for reading... just kept right on scrolling to the end to see something NOT silhouette.

Anonymous said...

way to speak up, rants can rock!
fyi, i sent some blog love in your direction:

hope it's okay

Tanya said...

I used to get so excited when I saw the Silhouette posts...until I realized they're all USA only. Seems with all the repeats, they could be spread about geographically as well as throughout a month or so. Now I skip them, too.

KD said...

Bahaha I love you! I have a sillhouette and i still skip all the posts. I know what i can and cant do! I don't need to read it a thousand times!! I'll remember to never post anything about tatto paper for fear of the backlash! (hehe just kidding i would never get the tattoo paper!)