Thursday, June 9, 2011

Face of the Day

I felt like yesterday I had an especially good hair and make-up day so I thought I'd share, if that bores you I can understand.

I used a dark shadow at the base of my eye and then a shimmery purple.  I followed it with really dark black liner and then some really crappy purple liner over that (it's not dramatic enough to be worn on it's own).  I applied a ton of mascara and called it good.

Thanks for indulging me.  Go ahead, make an extra effort on yourself today, it'll make you feel good.


Jolayne said...

So, Bryn's sitting beside me while I read my blogs this morning. She sees your picture and says "She has a nose and mouth and cheeks! That's a beautiful picture, Mommy!"

Grace & Beauty said...

the purple shade looks fabulous on you!

Jenny said...

I love those kind of days! Bryn is right, you are beautiful!