Thursday, June 23, 2011

Quiet Book Week - Jonah & the Whale {Template}

This last page is my new favourite, mostly because it's actually new.  I made most of these pages ages ago but I had an uneven number of them so Lehi's dream sat, unbound in a box.  I decided I wanted to add that page and also make a tutorial to show you my working with felt tip.  I came up with Jonah & the Whale a week or so ago and Catie loves him.

Open up the flap on my whale and you see

That large gaping mouth is a big hole where Jonah goes out and in.

To make the window I used some clear vinyl my Mother-in-law had lying around but since felt doesn't slide along felt I used two layers, so starting with the white cotton my layers went like this:
  • White cotton backing
  • Red for inside of whale - slightly smaller than whale and not including the tail
  • Clear Vinyl the same size as the red
  • Blue water spout
  • Then I took a small break from layering and took my grey whale and sewed more vinyl to the underside of him, cutting out the mouth.  Then I added his eye and the flap for his window.
  • I finished him off by sewing down the grey whale on top of my blue water spout
One tip is would give is to add some extra support to Jonah's neck, like maybe some plastic or a Popsicle stick or something really stiff.  When he gets shoved in the whale's mouth his poor neck is terribly bent.

Your template for this page is below

If you've missed the previous pages you can check them out using the links below
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I'm going to do a post tomorrow summarizing all the pages for quick reference and I'll give all of the templates again, including the file for the titles and references.


Sharon said...

I so love this!! I hvae been wanting to make one for my daughter and I have to say this is the neatest one I have ever seen!!

Moore Family to Love said...

Are you interested in selling a quiet book? This is the cutest one I've ever seen! I cannot sew at all:(

CourtneyFJ said...

I'm working on this Jonah page for my son's quiet book, but having some trouble with sewing the vinyl. How did you attach it? Thanks!

Nicole said...

Hi Laura, I'm involved in a quiet book swap with several women, and I posted the photographs of the pages we did on my blog:
Three of the people used your patterns, so I thought you would want to see (I linked back to your blog). Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful patterns!

Anonymous said...

Nice written!! I have been a big fan of your blogs. thanks bestfishinglinereviews

Unknown said...

Hi Laura,
What a fantastic idea for the whale!
My grand kids love it. I used your whale pattern and made a book about Jonah. Is it okay with you if I publish pictures of my book on a blog that I'm starting? I would of course credit you with the pattern.