Friday, June 17, 2011

Quiet Book Week - Ammon Protects the Sheep {Template}

This page is the one that started the idea of a scripture book.  I was talking to a friend and we started to think how funny it would be to have a quiet book page where the bad guys arms pull off.  We then proceeded to think of the most violent scripture stories we could think of to add and chuckled.  This is the only one that made it into the book.

Some of you may not be familiar with this story, let me summarize it for you.

Ammon is a prophet serving a mission and in his travels he meets King Lamoni and rather than try to preach to him he asks to serve him instead.  King Lamoni says you bet and sends him out to protect his sheep who keep getting stolen.  While watching the sheep bad guys come and try to steal them, the other servants run away but Ammon says no way.  He's there to protect the sheep so he stays and fights the bad guys and when they attack he ends up cutting off their arms.  King Lamoni is so impressed he asks about Ammon's message and is later converted.

This story comes from the Book of Mormon, which is a companion to the Bible but written for those on the American continent.  You can real the full account here in Alma 17-19.

The arms of the bad guys pull off and re-attach with snaps (in case it's not clear those are clubs beside the bad guys).
And come on, how cute are those sheep?

Here's a close up of the unhappy, arm-less bad guys.
Here's your template download for today

I would suggest for the snaps you use those kind that pound on.  At the time I only had the sew on kind but I think the pound on are a lot more durable.

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And remember, I'll give you the text template for the scripture references at the end of the series.

See you back here on Monday where we'll Put on the Armour of God.


Jane said...

Haha...that was always my favorite BofM story growing up. I would have loved to snap off the arms as a kid! Kind of morbid eh? Nicely done.

Sam said...

I thought of doing this, but then thought, maybe too much. Then again my husband wanted an A for alligator page to eat ducks and L for lion page to rip off the limbs of a deer. Thanks for the template...starting it now.

Julie said...

Oh I love this! I find it hysterical!