Tuesday, December 27, 2011

3 Different Bracelets

I love making homemade gifts for Christmas but I hate that I can't post them until after they've been given.

These particular gifts I made for my friend Michelle.  Her birthday falls shortly after Christmas so I made her the three different bracelets.

They were all easy and I used three different tutorials to make them.  The first bracelet on the left is a knock off Chan Luu bracelet.  I didn't actually follow this tutorial but it's a good one.  There are a couple loops on the end so you can choose which size works best. 

I love the amber beads with the tan leather.

 I used a vintage button from my Grandma to make the clasp.

The middle is a combination of metal washers from the hardware store and satin ribbon.

This bracelet involves threading the ribbon through the washers in a really simple way.  I love the combination of the soft ribbon and the hard washers.  Since the washers really do come from the hardware store they're inexpensive to make.

The tutorial I followed is for a necklace but I think the amount of washers is a bit much so I made a smaller version, great instructions though.

Lastly I made a twine and hex nut bracelet.

Again, the nuts are from the hardware store.  This bracelet requires some braiding and threading and that's it.  Easy.  And this tutorial worked really well.  I used another vintage button to finish off the back of this one.

So there you have it, three easy and unique bracelets that made a great gift.
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SymbioticLife said...

These are great. I'm totally going to be trying some of these tutorials out. I have most of the materials already. Great stuff. Thanks for sharing!

Tanya said...

Those are all great gifts!

Nicole said...

These are all amazing. I love the hex nut one!

Mitz said...

So cute, I love each one!!!