Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What Catie Wore Wednesday #63

Last week I had so few pictures (two to be exact) that I didn't post any of them, I thought I'd add them to this week's post so it will be especially picture heavy.

Lately this has become her favourite place to watch TV.  She goes into the bathroom and brings out her stool and carefully places it right there.

Here's yet another photo of her carefully stacked presents under the tree.

We got the girls together and made cookies for Santa

They're so much fun in the kitchen and they all love to stir and dump.

We made peanut butter blossoms which were especially fun because they needed to be rolled in sugar.  Catie only ate one spoonful of sugar and despite the mess on the counter they really didn't get that much on the floor.  The girls had fun and Santa had delicious cookies so our plan was successful.

Christmas Eve, watching a movie before bed.

We got ready to put out our cookies and milk but I didn't want there to be a problem so first we gave her a cookie and some milk.  When she was done I had her carefully carry over a plate to the fireplace.  She set it down, I put down the milk and then I told her it was time for bed.  "My COOKIES", she sobbed over and over, with huge crocodile tears.  She was devastated that she had to leave the cookies there.  Perhaps she's a little young for that tradition, we'll try again next year.

Christmas morning.  She came out all sleepy and immediately ran to the play kitchen we'd assembled.  She loves it and plays with it constantly. I look forward to the day when she can work the timer herself so I don't have to go over there every three minutes to re-start it.  I'd just say no but she gets so happy every time it dings.

She wasn't so sure she was interested in stockings so I pulled out the top item which happened to be the rubber ducky we got in Utah but left behind.  My sister had to send me a package anyway so she slipped that in.  Catie was thrilled to see it and one ducky was all it took to convince her that stockings are awesome.

Before church playing with the kitchen.  The first gift she opened was some pots and pans and she immediately ran them over.  Next she opened some play food and it too was taken over right away.

Before bed, still playing with the kitchen

She also got some magnetic wooden paper dolls and she loves them.  She doesn't quite get the point of dressing them yet but she really likes to stack them into different piles.

Again, playing with the paper dolls

I loved getting to buy her such fun toys, if only there were more than one Christmas a year.