Friday, December 2, 2011

Regular to Skinny Jeans

So it's no surprise that it's now winter which equals snow and I've quickly realized that it's far easier to put Catie in boots than regular shoes.  Boots require skinny jeans though.  Catie has one pair but they're kind of distinctive so I feel like she can't wear them very often.

I didn't want to buy new jeans so I pulled out a pair of her old pants that fit except they were a little short.  I forgot to take a picture so here's an old one of when they did fit.  You can imagine they'd be super dorky too short but skinny jeans are acceptable if they're a tad short.

I used her new skinnies as a guide to turn those old jeans into these.

Now they look like this

They're kind of extreme skinnies but they look great with her boots and if I hadn't had some tension problems it would have only taken 20 ish minutes.

They turned out so cute and were so easy I may just make another pair. 


Jolayne said...

This is a great idea! I can't bring myself to buy skinny jeans for Bryn - she has too many pairs of jeans already. I'll just turn one or two of them into skinnies! Yay!

Jennie Holt said...

so cute! love them in skinnies with boots!!

Mitz said...

So great! I've been planning on doing this with a few of my own pairs for me. You can't even tell!

Mitz said...

Did you bleach the bottoms?! :)

SymbioticLife said...

OMG, Please tell me you can do a tutorial on how to do this? I've got little to no sewing experience but I would LOVE to try and do this with the pair of pants I'm wearing right this very minute. I'd love to see how you did it!