Friday, December 30, 2011

Ruffly Little Apron

Henrick got the cute finger puppets but big sister Bryn needed a gift this year too.  I'd made Catie an apron, and Gwen an apron (I can not get over how different Catie looks in those old photos) but not one for Bryn.  These girls like to bake and they can be ridiculously messy so it isn't just a cute accessory but a need.

Three girls in matching aprons would be adorable, I could have used the same pattern but I have a thing for pleats these days and I love the rounded bottom as opposed to the pointed bottom of Catie's, so they may not match but Bryn's might also be the cutest one.

I had Catie model it for you all, in her pajamas (I asked her to hold Mr. Brown out like that so I'd be able to get the apron in the photo, I was surprised when she actually did it though).

I'll have to get a photo of the three cute ladies in their aprons.

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olivian said...

She looks too cute in that apron. Nice picture. :)
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