Monday, December 19, 2011

Hand Print Ornaments

This week would be full of all sorts of fun posts if most of them weren't gifts.  Instead I have one or two and the rest will have to wait, check back the week after Christmas for some fun posts.

This one is a gift for my Mother-in-law but since she doesn't read the blog it's safe to post.
We gathered Bryn, Gwen and Catie together and this craft was super quick.  

We pressed their hands into embossing ink and then onto the Christmas balls.  We then sprinkled the powder on the balls, tapped off the excess and using a heat gun melted the powder.

I added bows and tags with their names and the year so Grandma can tell apart who's who.

Here's Catie's.  She's actually a little young for this project and kept moving around her fingers so it took a  couple tries.  I was surprised how easy it was to wash off the ink and unmelted powder and start again.  Third time was a charm though and we got a good print.

Gwen was a pro and hers is perfect, on the first try too.

And Bryn's.

We'll give them to Grandma this week so she can hang them on the tree.