Thursday, May 10, 2007


We officially have a place to live!

Brad and I have been becoming more and more concerned. I gave my notice to move out of my place so come the end of the month I was going to be homeless.

Brad has been so good about finding us listings to look at so we’ve gone to see a bunch of places and called about even more.

Here are a few highlights
  1. The all inclusive $600 basement suite
    For $600 dollars you got:
    - Utilities
    - Satellite tv
    - Internet connection
    - A bathroom practically in the kitchen
    - A “kitchen” with no cupboards or counters
    - The all in one, space saving unit... picture it, 2 small burners, a sink directly attached to that and below... any guesses? An oven you say? No silly, it’s obviously a mini fridge. (I tried to find a picture, I wanted you to see it but I couldn't find anything close)

  2. In the basement suite that smelled like live animals, upon noticing the hot plate and the toaster oven the landlady says, “A toaster oven and a hotplate, the same functionality as a oven. Right, cause I can make a cake in a toaster oven :)

  3. The tiny, tiny apartment. We walk into the bathroom... wait, there’s no sink? Don’t worry, it’s sunk behind the door, completely invisible when the door’s open, but it’s there.

  4. The Landlord who refused to let us move in because he wanted a single person. He didn’t want complains about hot water running out, and you know, one single guy is much quieter than a married couple.

  5. The basement that made me cry. Not quite crappy enough to dismiss immediately.

  6. The super ugly green shag carpet in our new place that’s getting us a $50 discount

So here’s to our new to us, small but cozy, 1 bedroom, perfectly located, ugly carpet possessing, 4th floor, balcony off the living room apartment.

We’ll have to have you over for dinner (in small groups, I mentioned it’s small right?)


Brad said...

And the second cause for celebration: I got my cufflinks in the mail today! They are about 20 times cooler than the ad on the net. Yahoo for me!

Julie Lewis said...

You'll be in our ward (Calgary 6th). Yay! Welcome to the ward. Mind you, I seem to be out of town all the time so who knows if I'll see you there.

chefwest said...

hey sis, you're even closer to Studio Cafe, my old stomping grounds.