Thursday, July 26, 2007


Remember the Cookie Scandal of 2006...

Well today I proved that I learned nothing. That I have gained no more character then I had back then.

I made cupcakes for a friends birthday yesterday and there were extras so I brought them to work. These cupcakes are no ordinary thing, they’re a work of art. A yummy chocolate, moist cupcake with pretty piped cream cheese icing on top.

So I pass them out and people are enjoying them. My boss says, “This isn’t Duncan Hines from a box is it?” I shake my head no (It was Betty Crocker so I wasn’t actually lying :). She says, “You can tell, it’s so moist”.

I absolutely let her believe that I made the cake from scratch when it really was from a mix! In my cake mix defense, I was in a hurry, they were last minute and I added some stuff to the mix to make them yummier.

Don’t think less of me...