Thursday, July 12, 2007

Stampede Breakfasts

Over my years working downtown I've discovered that one of the benefits to my central location is the number of Stampede Breakfasts I'm able to attend.

Last year there was the Private one my building threw for us, the one at 5th Ave Place, the one at Petro Canada where we didn't actually eat because the line was scary long and there was the one on 8th ave put on by the Calgary Firefighters. Add that to the 2 church ones I went too, one Stake, one IRC and I had a record breaking breakfast year.

Sadly, this year does not look like it will measure up.
I finally made it to my first breakfast this morning hosted by 1st Calgary, it was a great start too. Eggs, sausage, ham and of course pancakes. Having eggs tips the scales on breakfasts for me though. Because of my honeymoon I've missed the Stake breakfast, because of my marriage I'm not eligible for the IRC one :) I've since moved buildings (only across the street) but apparanty being temporarily the only tenants in the building doesn't warrant a breakfast. I will be heading over to the 5th Ave breakfast tomorrow which is usually a real good one. Last year they had fruit toppings for pancakes and hashbrowns.

2 down from 5... sad really
I suppose there's always next year

p.s. I discovered through the course of this blog that I have a difficult time typing/spelling pancakes. I always mess it up and have to go back to fix it... funny


Janine said...

You're still doing better than the one breakfast I get to attend. Unfortunately fo me, I don't get to leave work to make it to all the stupid breakfasts in the area that start at 9. At least my building had their own.

Unknown said...

So sad... today, the day of my second breakfast, but I forgot. I ate breakfast this morning. I'm not even a little hungry... sigh

Unknown said...

Contrary to popular belief, you are still invited (and encouraged) to attend institute, and the activities. IRC is for college-age young adults 18-30, that includes the ones lost to marriage...