Thursday, July 26, 2007

Golf = Life

When you think of classic date activities, two you normally come up with are bowling and mini golf... two things I happen to be really bad at.

It must have been at least 5 years since I’ve mini golfed and it was an embarrassing experience, I came in dead, dead last. There was no confusion over who lost that game, it was certainly me. So when Dave invited us mini golfing to celebrate Naomi’s birthday the only reason I said yes was because I knew Brad would want to go. I regretted accepting the invitation pretty quick though and was not looking forward to golfing, I wracked my brain trying to come up with reasonable excuses for us to back out. I came up with nothing convincing though so we headed off to golf.

Surprisingly I ended up having a fantastic time! The course was really fun, with little streams and a waterfall. No one took the game too seriously (except the ridiculously annoying kids behind us) and we laughed and visited and loved it.

Possibly the greatest thing I’ve ever done in my life...I’ve tried to recreate it in picture form. It was just as impressive as you think it was :)
The biggest shocker of the evening came when we looked at the scores though... I tied for 1st place! Never before have I done that well. I’ve enclosed a copy of the score card so you can share in my victory with me. Notice the three circles, yeah, that’s right... those are three hole in ones! (Guess they made up for all the holes I did horrible on)

7 over par is not to shabby in my books.