Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Last night was a night full of crazy and scary dreams.

Before I get into them, one thing I’ve noticed in our new apartment building... in the stairwell there are quite a few spiders. If you know me at all you know that I DO NOT like spiders. I can kill them if no one else is around but if I’m not alone then you bet I’m going to have them do it. I think they’re creepy and disgusting and I hate them. Normally I’m pretty good at leaving outside spiders alone but if they come in my space and my house then consider them dead.

That being said... these spiders in the stairwell haven’t really bothered me. They’re not in my apartment; just the stairs and they’re usually in high corners. The entire time I’ve lived in the building (2 short months) I’ve seen only 1 spider in my apartment and it was by the window which is enough to convince me that these stairwell spiders are not going to make it to my apartment. I can accept that.

Or so I thought...

I had this horrible dream last night... there were these spiders, really big spiders, like bigger than your hand spiders. They were really really flat (and if I’m honest they didn’t actually look all that much like spiders and they had a bit of a plastic look to them, but I’m dreaming here) and they would...

I should warn you... it’s about to get disturbing

These spiders were sneaky, they’d get under your clothes, lay on your stomach and they leached blood out of you... awful I know. So in the dream there’s two of these awful “spiders” on me. Brad knocks them off of me (and I wasn’t freaking out nearly as much as I would have in real life) and then was about to catch and get rid of them when the dream switched.

I was riding on a motorcycle, Brad was driving and someone else was hanging on behind me, we went up a really steep hill, this other guy says, “You ready?” And we do this impossible huge jump... I was terrified! Closed my eyes, held on to Brad and waited for it to be over. Before we landed the dream switched again... I could continue but I think these two examples are enough to give you an idea of last night.

So – lesson learned, no more peanut butter ice cream before bed for me. Hopefully tonight is much more restful.