Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Puerto Vallarta

Well we´re here and loving every minute of it.
We sleep and then decide to eat, then we sit in the pool. Drink something fruity and decide maybe we should eat again. So far we´ve managed to avoid a sun burn.

Tomorrow is our dolphin enounter and the next day is our canopy tour, our resort is a dream. Palm Trees and no cleaning up after ourselves and pools and the ocean. We definitly aren´t cut out for the humidity though. It hits you like a wall when we leave our room, thank goodness for air conditioning. This was the best decision. We love not having to make a single wedding plan. Stay tuned for pictures of our dream honeymoon.

Thanks so much to everyone that helped make our wedding day so wonderful. It was exactly how I wanted it to be, I loved every minute of it and hope you did too.

As a side note, blogging here is definitly interesting, the blog page is all in spanish. The keyboard is differnt too. It´s a good thing I blog often and know where the buttons are :)