Monday, July 16, 2007


Something that actually surprised me this weekend...

I really miss Confederation Park Ward. I didn’t expect to. I thought I’d go to 6th Ward and feel right at home, that was a little naive. I was very comfortable in Confed, I had established myself and knew almost everyone there. While there are quite a few people I know in 6th Ward, they’re all just acquaintances, none of them really know me. This has caused me to feel a little out of place and it’s surprising.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I hate 6th ward, I’m not saying I won’t love it eventually. I’ve always been of the attitude that you can’t expect others to make you feel at home, it’s up to you. I’m will to do what’s necessary it’s just going to take more time than expected.

Top 5 things I miss about Confed.
  1. Irena and her hugs
  2. Being able to sit by almost anyone in Relief Society
  3. The quiet of our old Sacrament meetings
  4. Dave
  5. Not having to fear that I’ll be called to work in the Primary