Thursday, June 25, 2009

15 Books in 15 Minutes

Two posts in one day! I know!

My Friend Kirsten posted this note on Facebook and I thought it was a fun one so I'm posting it here as well.

The instructions are to come up with 15 books in no more than 15 mintues that have stuck with you, for better for for worse. Here is my list, feel free to post your own.
  1. The Life of Pi – Yann Martel
  2. Wicked – Gregory Maguire
  3. The Chosen – Chaim Potok
  4. The Chronicles of Narnia series – C.S. Lewis
  5. Mirror Mirror – Gregory Maguire
  6. The Book of Lights – Chaim Potok
  7. Lord of the Rings – J.R.R. Tolken
  8. Robinson Crusoe – Daniel Dafoe – They’ve turned this into a tv show that I haven’t seen but have heard it’s awful
  9. Z for Zachariah – Robert C. O’Brien – We read this book in grade 6 and I’ve never forgotten it.
  10. Bridge to Terebithia – Katherine Paterson – I re-read this book a couple of years ago and I was sitting downtown on my lunch break crying at the end… felt foolish but it’s such a lovely book.
  11. Make Way for Ducklings – Robert McCloskey – For some reason this book has always stuck with me, I have hardly any childhood memories because my memory is so awful yet I very clearly remember Mr. Harker reading this book to us in 1st grade. I actually found it and bought it last year at Chapters and discovered that it’s kind of a boring book but I’m excited to read it to Catie one day anyway and share those memories (I tried to read it to my Sunbeams one Sunday and they were all really bored by it).
  12. The Baby-Sitters Club & Sweet Valley High – Ann M. Martin / Francine Pascal – I read these a lot when I was in my tween years, we had all of them and I loved them.
  13. Gerald’s Game – Stephen King – What a horrible, horrible book that I wish I’d never read. It was this one that convinced me that I never needed to read another Stephen King book and I’m sad it’s stuck with me forever.
  14. Tuck Everlasting – Natalie Babbitt – Interesting that so many of the book that made it on this list were ready in elementary school
  15. The Gift of the Magi – O. Henry – I know it’s not technically a book but a short story but it’s always stuck with me

I'd love to read your list as I'm always looking for more books to read.


Kirsten (Geeky Owl) said...

Z for Zachariah! I also haven't forgotten that book. In fact I bought a copy of it a few years ago. That's funny. I didn't know anyone else really remembered it.