Thursday, June 4, 2009

Here Come the Newlyweds – Season 2

Brad and I were thrilled to discover that this reality show was getting second season. In general we are not fans of this type of show but this one is different. A bunch of newlyweds compete for money and get voted off the show but the difference is none of them are whores, they mostly all like each other, there are no dramatic fights and they do fun things together.

For example, the other day the men wore boxer shorts, were blindfolded and then their wives had to direct them to their clothes. The fastest man to get dressed got immunity. Only they were in a room full of junk and the wives would just make them run into lamps and boxes and it was hilarious and good natured and everyone laughed and had a good time.

This season it seems they're trying to liven the show up just a little bit so there was of course a challenge involving bugs. They had set up this kitchen and coated it in cockroaches and grasshoppers. The couples each took their turn going into the room, scooping up as many bugs as possible (using only their hands) and depositing them back in a jar outside for 30 seconds. The couple with the most bugs got immunity for the week.

Here's when I come to a point in the rambly post.

The first couple gets up to go and they know they're in trouble, the husband is beefy and tattooed but the wife is very afraid of bugs. The get the start signal and run into the room where the husband immediately starts scooping up bugs while his wife freaks out in the corner, just as she's saying she can't touch them, she can't do this her husband says probably the most loving words she's ever heard… Just get the door. So their system went, they'd run into the room, he'd gather the bugs, she'd open the door so he could deposit them in the jar. I was so impressed that he was never once impatient with her or upset that she wouldn't help. He understood her limitations and appreciated the help she could offer. If that's not love I don't know what is.

So there's my marriage lesson for the day learned from TV. Appreciate each other's strengths and weaknesses and sometimes be satisfied that all your spouse can do is "open the door".

(and speaking of bugs, don't check out Andrew's post on spiders, it is worse than you think it will be!)


Unknown said...

I seriously love this show! THough i think it would be funny to do the same show in 5 years witht the same people and see how the dynamics have changed