Thursday, June 25, 2009

Writers Block

I realize all has been quite around here for a while but I seem to be suffering from a serious case of writer’s block. Nothing inspires me, nothing seems blog worthy.

As an effort to end the block I’m pressing through and dedicating yet another post to the cupcake. I have this weakness for cupcakes, they’re so yummy and pretty and fun to make and they always brighten my day. I’m pretty sure my like has turned into an obsession. I just added another cupcake blog to my Google Reader which brings the total cupcake blogs up to 6. That’s 6 blogs dedicated entirely to cupcakes that I follow, it’s a bit much. I’ll just convince me that I don’t need to follow another when I get inspired with something that looks incredible, like these Peanut Butter Brownie Cups, let’s see if I get around to making these in time to take them to the lake.