Thursday, June 25, 2009


Being slightly advanced in age to be starting a family (I said slightly), I’m surrounded by a lot of women who have gone through this pregnancy process before me. I appreciate being able to hear their experiences and I really feel I’ve learned a lot from these women.

There’s always one story that you hear a lot of, the delivery. Every women needs to tell their story (and I love hearing them), I find it so interesting how different they all are. Since I’ve been pregnant I’ve had some women stop mid story, concerned that I don’t want to hear how long they were in labour, or how much tearing there was or all the other hard parts about delivering a baby. But really, not one of these stories bothers me. Every women is different, my labour won’t be the same as anyone else’s so I can handle their difficult stories, there is one story however that I don’t handle well. One that freaks me out and makes me incredibly nervous every time I hear women talk about it. It leaves me hoping beyond hope that I’ll be the exception but I think today that hope slipped away.

A little background… I have always been really self-conscious about the size of my feet. They’re large and wide and buying shoes is not fun. The same goes for my hands, I need very large size rings because I have these large fingers.

To tie the two together (though you probably know where I’m going with this)... So many women talk about how much their hands and feet would swell during pregnancy. These are the stories I worry about. My feet and hands are big enough, I don’t need them to be any bigger and how will I wear shoes if they get any fatter? I don’t want to stop wearing my rings and I want to have normal feet!

Today, I’m hoping it’s just because I’m a little warm but my rings sure are tight! I’ve actually removed them for a bit. It’s much too early for the swelling to start but this early sign has sure got me concerned. At least my shoes feel the same today.

Sigh, here’s hoping for no more swelling.