Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Poll

Brad and I have been having such a fun time looking at baby things, we bought the most adorable socks yesterday and we got a diaper bag but there's been one exception to this shopping rule. Crib Bedding.

We've been really lucky and we're getting a lot of hand-me-down items so there's going to be very little that we actually need to buy. Since this is the case I want to get some really cute crib bedding. I want to make this hand-me-down crib feel like mine and I think it's worth spending the money to get something I love.

Here's the problem though, in my recent shopping I have found two types of bedding. The one type is cutesy baby animals or Winnie-the-Poo or something similar which is not what I want at all and the other type is exactly what I want but $400. The solution is going to be to buy something on-line so I started searching. It wasn't long before I was completely overwhelmed. Everything is starting to run together and they all look the same to me. I have managed to narrow it down to four choices (though it's likely I'll find some new ones to add to the list) and thought I'd get some opinions. Vote on the right hand side for which bedding you like the most.

(keep in mind that in the photos they go completely overboard with their decorating and use the pattern everywhere, I only want the bedskirt, the bumper pads, the sheet and the comforter)
1. Gillian
2. Mud Puddle Pink

3. Argyle Stripe

4. Bananafish Bubblegum


Julie Lewis said...

What colour is the crib? I like BFB the best but if the crib is a dark colour AS might go a little better. If it's white I will stick with my original vote of BFB.

chefwest said...

I love the "Argyle Stripe". It's got some really nice chocolate higlights that you can use for the rest of the room. Nothing worse tham a room full of pink. Although, "Bananafish Bubblegum" is playful and I love how they've tied it too the room with the green walls.

Laura said...

Good point Julie, I should have mentioned it in the post, the crib is white.

Mme Williams et Mme Zerbin said...

Out of these choices I like the argyle one the best. I like the adult/ baby look. Classy yet still meant for a baby.

meenalu said...

There are also TONS of awesome things on - all handmade and beautiful. It might just add to the strain of finding something, but it might totally blow your mind.

Laura said...

The problem with Etsy is that since they're all handmade they tend to be super expensive. I did see some cute ones there but I don't want to pay that much.