Friday, June 5, 2009


It's official, Brad's been accepted to the University of Lethbridge!

We were never worried, his grades are awesome but it feels so good to know for absolute sure.

Last year around this time we were nervously waiting to see if he'd get accepted into the UofC Engineering program. We waited, and waited, and waited so long we came up with a back-up plan. By the time he got accepted into the program (two weeks before the start of classes) our back-up plan had become our new preferred plan and he started getting ready for a Finance degree instead.

This has turned out to be such a wonderful decision. He loves his classes and managed to get pretty darn close to straight A's (that one B+ ruined everything). His GPA is high, and rather than struggling to make it through he's in the top of all his classes.

We're excited to see what Lethbridge, Finance and Catie bring to our life and I'm so proud of my super smart husband!


chefwest said...

Congratulations Brad. I'd go out and celebrate for you tonight but we are in the middle of packing and Lucy will kill me if I don't go straight home after work.

Jenn said...

Awesome! I'm so glad you'll be in Lethbridge.

Kim Hawryluk said...

Hey Congrats! That's exciting!

I really liked your mat. shirt you were wearing today when I saw you. I was going to talk to you some more and got distracted and then I realized I missed you. Sorry about that. You're looking great! You've got the pregnancy glow! :)
Are you going to put some prego pictures up?

Unknown said...

Thanks, I'm sure enjoying the new wardrobe. I will probably not post pictures, I think they're awkward and I haven't taken any.