Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sewing Issues

My latest craft project has led to a lot of sewing on my machine.  Lots of little pieces, all different colours.  For most people this would mean they had to re-thread their sewing machine a bunch of times with different colours which isn't really a big deal, but for me it's caused other issues, the root of the issue being this... I only own ONE bobbin for my sewing machine.  So every single time I switch colours I have to load a new bobbin.  It also means I never load very much at a time because I don't want to have to throw out a bunch of thread which usually leads to me running out of thread mid piece and having to load the same colour again.

Yesterday I started yet another new project with Michelle and we sewed at her house and the beauty of owning more than one bobbin finally hit me.  What a glorious thing to not have to load all the time, so today I solved the problem and I'm now the proud owner of 12 brand new, empty bobbins with a case for them all.  I'm excited to put these to good use and I'll include photos of the recent projects eventually.


KD said...

bahahaha so funny Laura! I love that it took you a while to get more bobbins.

Unknown said...

mulitple bobbins are an absolute you didn't lose your mind with just one is amazing to me