Friday, March 26, 2010

Before and After

Over the years I've learned how much of a difference a few baskets and some organization can make so I decided it was time to tackle this corner.

We have a microwave stand in our dining area that doesn't actually hold a microwave.  Instead it holds all sorts of junk.  The two shelves underneath are where I keep my dishtowels in a very messy pile and it's always looked awful.  Here's the before.

I picked up some baskets at Micheal's when they were 40% off and moved the cloths to the bottom basket.  The top basket now hold saran wrap, wax paper and all those boxes that had no place before.  I figure it's baby safe for a while at least as I don't care if she plays with dishtowels.  It looks so much better with such a small change.

I'm thinking that the stand would look awesome if it was painted red, I'll think that over and possibly wait until Spring to tackle it.


Janine said...

I love the apron in the second picture. I'm pretty sure that colourful aprons are about as necessary as an organized kitchen.