Saturday, March 20, 2010


I've been looking for one of these saucer chairs for Catie because I've been wanting to recover it.  They're expensive to buy new though so I've been looking for a second hand one and so far I've been unsuccessful but I think garage sales will help.  If you have one kicking around that you no longer want or find a cheap used one let me know.

Until then I thought I would practice.  We have these awesome friends who live down the street.  They loan us all sorts of things and if we ever mention we want something they happen to have it and are no longer using it so they loan it.  We've been so grateful for the toys and clothes they've loaned to Catie but I've started to feel a little ungrateful, like we take take but never give anything in return.  I figured something I could do for them was to recover the pink princess chair they have for Natalie.  I'm proud of the results, I especially love how it looks so puffy and comfy.  Here is an after picture and one to show why I want one for Catie, she's so cute in it hey?


Sawdust, fabrics and food, OH MY! said...

How did you go about this? I found some on craigslist that are a boring tan color and thought about doing this, but thought that it might be to detailed for this not able to follow a sewing pattern girl. I quilt, but that is all straight lines for me. I haven't followed a sewing pattern since homec in junior high school.

Unknown said...

I hate patterns too, you can do this.
Unpick the original cover and use that as your pattern. Use the original batting and re-sew using new fabric.
The only tricky part is how to reattach to the base since they're not removable. I like to add heavy duty snaps to one side of the flap. That way you can take the cover off to wash it.

scougle said...

Can you provide instructions on how to make a saucer chair cover like the one you did for the High School Musical makeover?!! I would like to attempt this with two chairs I have in my classroom that are ripping.