Friday, May 14, 2010

Pink Pins and Ned

 I pulled out my beautiful new pins and went to add them to my lovely tomato pin cushion that I've had since home ec. and it detracted so much from their beauty I couldn't stand it.  I pulled out all the other mismatched pins but it didn't help.  There was only one thing to be done, I needed a new pin cushion.

I did some searching and came across this beautiful hedge hog pattern and I was hooked.

Ned really came to life once his quills were inserted and he looks so handsome on my red shelf.  I'm having so much fun just enjoying my pin cushion, silly as it sounds.  I believe in beautiful things and he adds such a perfect touch to my creating space.

(Yes, I named my pin cushion.  You would too if yours was this beautiful and Ned just seemed appropriate.)


Renee said...

Ned is the perfect name!

Isis said...

Could you link the hedgehog pattern you used?! I would love to make one!