Monday, October 4, 2010

Blogger Issues

Is anyone else having a hard time with Blogger? I'm so frustrated I'm about ready to go to Wordpress, let my share my annoyances.

I use Firefox as my browser of choice, I'm very happy with it and it works great until recently. Anyone else notice how the way you upload pictures is different? Well when I try to upload a picture is says "Server Error".  Every stinking time.  I figured it was a problem with Firefox so I switched to Internet Explorer and it worked okay.  I'm not a fan of IE though so I didn't want to use it all the time until I read a glowing review of IE 9.  It's still in the Beta stage (testing) but I thought now big deal.  Apparently it's a big deal because in the IE 9 none of the buttons on my editor work.  So I click on the button to add a picture and nothing happens.

So now I can't use Firefox or Internet Explorer.  Brad uses Chrome so I switched to his profile and used Chrome and it sort of functions though pictures are miserable to upload.  So lately I've been composing in Firefox and then switching to Brad's profile so I can use Chrome to add photos.  A ridiculous set up.  Something better get fixed soon or I'm outta here.


Cathy said...

Everyone keeps talking about these changes but I haven't noticed a thing!
Are you resizing your photos first? I use firefox too but never have a problem if I resize first.

Julie Lewis said...

I just upload mine to Picasa first and then drag and drop them into blogger. It's way faster.

Collin Kelley said...

I just posted about Blogger issues myself. It appears they are having a raft of issues: photo upload, comments, 503 Service Errors. I've heard it's an issue with Googles servers but Google is less than forthcoming with information.