Friday, October 22, 2010

How I Plan To Spend My Summer

Kijiji has been good to me this week.

Now none of these pieces look very beautiful yet but I have plans, you'll have to envision with me.  Normally I don't like to post before pictures until the after is ready but since the after will be some time coming I thought I'd share my excitement.  Sadly I live in a region where we get some serious winters with lots of snow and lots of cold and no time suitable for spray painting.  Also I think I've decided to get a paint sprayer and it's not in the budget until summer so I'll have to use these pieces as is until then.   Anyone have any paint sprayer tips?

So it all started with my brother, he knows some people who are moving and they're getting new furniture.  They were getting rid of a bunch of stuff so he picked up a table and 6 chairs for FREE!  My parents badly need the chairs but they didn't need to table.  We happen to really need one as ours is tiny.  It comfortably seats 4 but don't try to put the food on the table if you're eating off dishes, there isn't room for sure.  My brother generously handed over the table so I'm now the proud owner of this.

Don't mind the dressers in the background, they're not normally in the kitchen, really.

(here's where you use your imagination)
After - picture the table top and the skirt stained a really dark brown.  I want it almost black and really rich looking. The pedestal will be painted slightly off white and glazed so it looks chippy and worn.

Our table was in really good condition but the chair are degrading, quickly.  They've all been glued and screwed together multiple times so the hunt for chairs starts.  I want 6 chairs and I want them to all be different but simiilar in style.  I happened across these two gems the first time I looked.

They're old and may not last forever but I love all the details on them and I thought $30 for the two was reasonable.  The gentleman I bought them from was a little horrified that I plan to paint them.

After - I think I'll paint these to match the pedestal.  Slightly off white and glazed to really bring out all the details.

Next I was talking to Michelle one day who was idly looking at Kijiji and found exactly the type of dresser I've been looking for for $20!  We currently have two, tall MALM style dressers from Ikea and I hate them.  I hate how tall they are, I hate that they're not real wood and I hate that they don't match anything else in the bedroom.  I've been looking for something old I could update but everything I'd seen was much too expensive.  This dresser was perfect.  I was sure it would be gone by the time we got there or it wouldn't actually be that cheap but surprise, surprise I'm now the proud owner of this new to me dresser.  Picking it up was an adventure... Michelle and Porter in her van, Me, Catie and Rigby in my car following behind.  As we loaded all three screamed in their car seats.  Thanks for the van Michelle and I'm glad our babies survived.

After - I don't actually know what I want to do with this yet but I do know that the center drawers will look so great glazed.  I could paint it to match my headboard and bedside tables but I think that's too matchy matchy.  I'm thinking I'll paint it a colour so it becomes a feature.  I'm also considering staining the top of the dresser.  What do you think I should do with it?  Our room has brown and purple in it.


Monica Harker said...

So this is crazy. i started reading your blog because my friend Heather (Lyon) Jensen always referred to it, and I loved the recipes you posted... and then today I figured out that we're related! Ish.... If you're Brad Wiebe's wife, that is. I think I saw a picture of him on here :) Anyway, my brother is Byron, married to Rosanna! SMALL WORLD eh!?