Thursday, October 14, 2010

Saucer Chair Re-Cover

Tonight I got to work on a saucer chair re-cover again.  This is the third chair I've re-covered, you can see the first here and the second here.  This is a project I really enjoy so when my friend asked for help with one for her daughter I happily said yes.  In just a couple of hours we created this beautiful, unique chair.

It started out looking like this.  I'm sure High School Musical is lovely but not something she needs to advertise in her home.  I think the dots are a great improvement.

Teddy did all the work, I just instructed and she did an awesome job with all of the sewing, it's definitely a project she can be proud of.  Hopefully Taeya thinks it's a fun present. 


Tyler said...

That is so cute! I am totally going to make one of these for my little girl's room. Great job Laura


Hell-o Laura,
It was a stroke of great, good fortune that I happened upon your site.

My service animal, Miss Beulah Mae Tucker is a Chihuahua with personality PLUS, she had a mini saucer chair and when we moved the person packing didn't have a clue what it was because I had taken off the cover and washed it and placed the cover with the frame to be hand-sewn back onto the frame. Well, my child has missed her chair and was looking through all of her things as they were me, she remembers everything.
I would very much like to replace her chair. I need a mini saucer frame, I had never seen one so small and the cover was a brushed flannel, I guess one would call it, in an ecru color.
The chair was perfect for her because she was not on the floor near "FEET" when we visited and I was able to strap the frame to the front seat and with her harness attached to the headrest she could see out perfectly and was able to travel relaxed. Insofar as she goes every where with me, I'd really love to get her another one.
I've looked at some and the covers seem so poorly made I'd rather not get her one that her toenails will snag and perhaps wrench her foot or ankle. Can you and your group help Miss Beulah, my Darling Child get a new chair?
Thanks for your help. Auntie Joy and Miss Beulah.

Wunderkind said...