Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What Catie and I Wore Wednesday #12

I thought I'd join Catie this week.


Striped T - Walmart
Jeans - Old Navy

Striped T - JC Penny
Dark Jeans - Addition Elle

You can see I finally got a much needed hair cut.

Lots of Pictures today as the weather tricked me

Catie started the day like this

Jeans - Same Old Navy ones from yesterday
White long sleeve onesie - H&M
Striped T - Old Navy
Hoodie - Roots
Brown Shoes - Walmart

The weather was really nice today though, it got up to 20 degrees so I changed her into this thinking it would be one last time to wear them.
White Collared T - Children's Place
Embroidered Capris - Guess (you can see them better here)

 I wore
White Tank - Shade
White T - Gap
Long Sweater - Old navy
Brown Pants - Retimens

I shed the sweater pretty quickly though

I'm actually showing you my shoes today!  Mom and I went down to Cutbank last week to mail a package and we stopped at JC Penny where I found these awesome shoes for $14.  I love them!


White sleeve onesie - Carters
Green Long Sleeve T - Children's Place
Brown Embroidered Pants - Old Navy
Pink Socks - Gagou Tagou

As mentioned previously we just got rid of our tall Ikea dressers.  I'm thrilled they're gone but sadly they were the perfect height for taking self portraits.  I'd stack two books and snap a picture.  Now I have to go down to the living room to use the TV and I haven't quite found the perfect spot yet.

White tank - Shade
Blouse - JC Penny
Dark Jeans - Addition Elle
Brown Shoes - JC Penny
Beaded Watch - Dizzy Daisy


White Long Sleeve Onesie - Carter's
Striped Shirt - Superstore
Jeans - Old Navy
Socks - Gagou Tagou

(I love those little teeth)

I didn't take a picture of me today because I wore the same thing as yesterday.  That's right, two days in a row.

Dress - Not sure where it's from, it's on loan
Ruffle Socks - Made by Grandma West
Shoes - Zellers

I added the pink sweater because it was chilly out

Black Tank - Shade
Turqoise Dress - H&M
Black Tights - JC Penny
Shoes - Herbergerz  (Look at that, I showed you two pairs of shoes this week!  That's a record)

I added a sweater to combat the chilliness


Catie modeled her Halloween costume today

White lab coat - Made by Me
Striped Collared T - Old Navy
Jeans - Old Navy
Lace Socks - Made by Grandma West
Doctors Kit - Borrowed from Rihannan

White t- Old Navy
Brown Pants - Old Navy
Black Hoodie - Below the Belt?  It's Brad's.  I honestly only wore this for a couple hours, the rest of the time I stayed in my pajamas.


Long Sleeve Red T - Gap
Jeans - Old Navy
Gotta love that hair hey?

Black Tank - Shade
Black Sweater - Old Navy
Jeans - Addition Elle

The sweater has cute buttons on the sleeve that I like

As usual

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Anonymous said...

You two look so cute!

S Club Mama said...

I love this idea of taking pictures of your daughter, too. My boys don't always look nice enough for pictures though LOL (sweats & hand-me-down t-shirts anyone?)

Paige said...

You and Catie are both so adorable! I love your long white tunic!

JaCobi said...

I love your Tuesday picture! That black sweater is great. You look fabulous!