Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What Catie Wore Wednesday #10

Another round to prove just how cute she is.


An outfit you've seen already but it's still cute.
White T - H&M
Grey Pants - H&M
Pink sparkly runners - Zellers


She didn't actually wear this all day but when she wasn't wearing this Carter's onesie she was wearing an outfit you've already seen.  This picture was much more fun.  Her hair looks so awesome because I gave her a bath and then put her down for a nap right after.


Pink T - Superstore
Brown Pants - Old navy
Shoes - Zellers
Mr. Brown - Toys R Us

(You can check out the car seat re-cover I did here)


We went to the zoo today and Catie rode the carousel for the first time and she loved it.  She looks a little nervous but she warmed up to it pretty quick.

Striped dress shirt - Superstore
Cardigan - H&M
Skinny leg jeans - Children's Place
Shoes - Zellers


It's a shame she didn't see Grandma West at all today because this will be her favorite dress that Catie has ever worn.  It's as close to a lamp shade dress as she's ever worn and it has tulle underneath to help it be big and adorable.

This dress is on loan so I'm not sure where it's from.
Headband - made by me
White Onesie - Carter's
White Jelly Shoes - Anabanana


Again she didn't wear this all day but she did wear it long enough to earn a picture.  Her real clothes were ones you've seen before.

Sleeper - Sears


White long sleeve onesie - Carters
Navy T - Superstore (it has cute embroidery on the front)
Jeans - Old Navy
Shoes - Zellers

There you have it, hope you think she's as cute as I do.

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