Monday, October 25, 2010

A Giveaway (of sorts)

So I seem to have run out of projects.  I don't have anything to work on right now and nothing new I want to start unless it involves paint and it's too cold outside for paint.

Here's where the giveaway comes in but let me explain why it's only sort of a giveaway.  Unless you're willing to pay shipping costs or deliver this is for locals only.  I will be in Calgary this weekend so Calgary friends feel free to participate.

I'm looking for a new project, something to re-cover.  It could be a saucer chair, a bouncy chair, a stroller, a high chair, really just about anything will do.  You can check out my Re-Covered page to see the projects I've already done but I'm not afraid to try something new.  The only draw back is that you'll need to cover all expenses.  So you provide me with an item to cover and the fabric (I'd even love to shop with you) and I'll do the work for free.

To enter just comment with whatever project you want me to tackle.  I'll run the giveaway for a couple days or until there are a couple projects to pick from and then I'll announce the winner. 

Hopefully at least one or two of you are actually interested in this and my plea doesn't go unanswered.


KD said...

Oh Laura!!!! It will not go unanswered!!!! I've got car seat's and Tonnes of Fabric! I'm forever oogling your's and having major Car seat envy! I just don't have the ball's to tackle it! Or i've got the awsomest little Rocking Chair for Knox that i Bought to recover and that has fallen along the wayside Maybe that instead. Oh I'm sure i could go on!

Unknown said...

How about a toddler bed bumper. My son always bumps his head on his toddler bed, and I was thinking of making one. I might have enough fabric, are you using just cotton woven or are you using other types like cotton jersey sheet?

JaCobi said...

I hate our 3 almost matching, green plastic-covered kitchen chairs. I'm sure you could make them lovely!!

Jenny said...

I've got a great old high chair that is in terrible condition in the garage. The thing is though, I want to do it, but haven't had the energy to figure it out yet. I'd love it if I could use your expertise and we could work on it together! Especially if you are in town this weekend!

Sheila said...

I've got two different chairs from Ikea lacking major character, both belong to Emily. One is a mini version of the traditional "Poang" chair, Click here This is used in our living room.

The other is a cushioned rocker from Ikea, it has 2 seperate square cushions for the seat and back.
This is used in her room.

Both items are in that boring standard off white they sell. So any bit of colour would be a welcome change.

You could stop by and see them in person if you are up here this weekend. More importantly I could give you a tour of the house.