Thursday, October 28, 2010

Clothing Re-fashions

My sister-in-law runs this awesome second hand store that is sadly so far away I've never even been inside.  When she comes to visit she often brings some really great pieces and the last time she came she brought a few cute things for Catie.

One of them was this pink sweater

And the second piece was this shirt

Both of them are really cute but I had plans to alter them.

The sweater had fake fur on the trim that made it look old and worn and I'm not thrilled with fake fur.  She'd only worn the sweater once because of the trim so I took my chances that the sweater would be finished underneath the trim and I unpicked it.  My gamble paid off and after the unpicking there wasn't anything else that needed to be done.

I think it looks much better and she'll wear it a lot more often now.

Next up the shirt, cute but I hated the turtle neck.  Also I figured I'd remove the sleeves so she could wear it longer without the sleeves getting too short.  I'll probably always layer a onesie underneath but I like that it will last a little longer now.

There aren't any after pictures because this shirt doesn't actually fit yet.

I had been putting off the alterations on the shirt for a while now because I was a little intimidated but Catie's lab coat took care of all of those worries, it gave me a new confidence when it comes to children's clothes.