Thursday, May 17, 2012

Altered T

I've really been wanting a new T-shirt so when I found one at Old Navy for $10 I knew it was perfect.  I wanted something summery and light and I love the bright colour.  There was one slight catch though, I didn't love the way it fit.

Like lots of maternity t's this shirt has ruching down the side but for some reason they stopped the ruching 3-4 inches from the bottom.  This made the bottom sit funny and made the shirt look a little strangely long.  

I also discovered that my arms really weren't long enough to take a proper photo so if the difference doesn't look very big then go ahead and blame the angle of the photos.

She the little flare there right at the bottom?  It just wasn't very cute.  
This next photo shows it better.

To fix it I simply turned the shirt inside out and added a little thin elastic to the part that didn't have any, stretching as I went along.  It only took a couple minutes and made all the difference.

Here's the after but again, it hardly looks any different here because of the angle.

Here's a side by side to show you just how much of a difference it made.

The shirt is still just a little baggy but I think a turn through the dryer will make it just right.