Monday, May 28, 2012


I have a dress that I like a lot but when I walk it bunches up between my legs and is irritating and not very flattering so I decided it was time to get a slip.  I also have two other dresses that I like but they're just a little shorter than I wanted so I've been contemplating an extender slip.  A half slip is just what I needed but last time I went to buy one I ended up discouraged, they were are ridiculously short (mid thigh) and really tight.  It should have come to me sooner, I know how to sew and a slip is not a difficult project.  I picked up supplies at Fabricland and even measured how much material I thought I needed, someone how I came home with enough to make a full dress which ended up being a good thing.

I'd bought this really skinny lace that I liked but skinny lace is no way to extend a dress.  Plus it's really tough to measure lengths on yourself so somehow my slip ended up being long enough for the first dress but not long enough to lengthen the others.  This is where it comes in handy that I bought too much fabric, all I needed to make a second was some different lace and a little more elastic.

Here's the first slip, simple, basic will never been seen but will do the job beautifully (nice background hey?  It was too windy to take photos outside).

And the second, slip extender.  This one is a little less full and longer.  The lace hangs down about an inch and half once I'm wearing the dress.

I did some alterations on the dress I want to wear it with that I'll show you tomorrow so for now here's a waist down shot of the slip in action.

Boy those shoes are tight... thanks pregnancy swelling.  I ended up wearing something else with them since they turned out to not match either.


Carolyn said...

I'm thinking no. It just looks like your slip is showing. Your dress is plenty long without a "dress extender" anyway.