Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What Catie Wore Wednesday #75

This week we finally did something we've been meaning to do for a while now, we went to the zoo to see the new penguins exhibit.  We'd heard that there could be as much as a two hour wait time so we hadn't been in any real rush but we finally planned an outing and the day turned out perfectly.  The weather wasn't actually all that nice, especially compared to the surrounding days.  Because it wasn't that nice out we didn't have a very long wait and went right to the penguins.  I had heard from a lot of people that it was a great exhibit and we were not disappointed.  The girls giggled and laughed and Catie even got a little splashed.  Catie still talks about all the penguins and we'll go back many times.

While we ate lunch the girls played on the park. 

We made cookies today and I let Catie lick the beaters, she sure thought it was a fun treat.

Waiting for cookies to bake.

Playing with Daddy.  She thought it was funny to make him turn off the mixer.  Then she would turn it back on, make him turn it off and then chuckle at how funny she was.

It rained yesterday so we went out and played in the puddles/rain.  She thought it was a pretty fun treat and had a great time with the umbrella (and yes, she's wearing pajamas.  I figured we'd come in and have a bath so what was the point in changing).